Ah-Choo! (Sterling, 2016) was written with co-author Lana Wayne Koehler. Its rhyme and repetitive phrase help strengthen pre-reading skills while providing a fun read aloud for parents, teachers and librarians.

Ah-Choo! tells the story of a boy who wants a pet, but his sister is allergic to every one he brings home. Determined to find one they can both love, he goes through the entire alphabet of animals until he finds the perfect choice. Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

21st Century Spaceships is a nonfiction book

for fourth and fifth graders. It is part of the

Feats of 21st-Century Engineering series from Enslow, 2019.

Learn how 21st-century engineers are meeting  the challenges

to take man further out into space, not only to the Moon,

but to Mars and beyond our solar system.

Find it on Amazon  and Barnes and Noble.

Part of the Coping series by Rosen Publishing (2018),

Coping with Sexism and Misogyny helps teens understand

and deal with sexism and misogyny in the home, at school,

on social media and in public spaces.

Find it on Amazon  and Barnes and Noble.

Part of the Opposing Viewpoints series from Greenhaven Press (2017), Violent Video Games and Society examines the pros and cons of the effects on children of playing violent video games. 

Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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